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Born in Villingen (Black Forest) Sabrina found music and rythm as a child by singing the songs of Boney M. Soul was added by listening to Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. Idols she kept until today.

At the age of 11 she started to train her strong voice by taking classical singing lessons. At the same time she explored putting her own feelings into lyrics and music by writing her first pop songs, accompanied by the piano. With 13 she founded her first band, singing mostly cover-songs in a garage, while dreaming of the stages to perform on one day.

Her path was chosen. It could only be music. Her talent was confirmed by the jury of a school of music and drama (Joop van den Ende Academy/ Hamburg). Astonished by her strong soulful voice they asked themselves „heaven, what did they feed her?“ She was not only accepted, but also got a scholarship, being one of the youngest students with only 17. Big stages were close and she got her first leading roles in music theatres although she was still in training.

Since then Sabrina is singing for great music productions all over Germany but also England, Switzerland or Japan, climbed to number 12 in the German charts with a duet (All – I Ever Want) with the winner of the German version of American Idol and collected several audience awards. Lately Sabrina performed a summer open-air concert with German no.1-singer Laith Al-Deen.

Since 2011 Sabrina is pushing forward what she wants most – a solo career as a pop and soul artist. Experienced music professionals like Frank Wildhorn (wrote for Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole and Liza Minnelli), GRAMMY Award winner Billy Jay Stein and music director Jason Howland are supporting that dream. So she used the opportunity and took the chance to record her first six own songs in a record-studio in New York, feeling the spirit of Frank Sinatra, who hold just that mike.

Sabrina feels freedom and purity in her music, loves to narrate a story within the song and is surely ready to take the next step – being a solo artist and reach out to people’s hearts through her music.

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